Lucille Tortora holds a BA in Design and Art History from Hofstra University and an MA in Photography from Long Island University. Exhibited in the United States, Europe and Japan, her black and white fine art photographs are in museums, corporate and private collections. Tortora is an independent curator, owned a photography gallery, and has been a museum curator.



Fragmentation, along with the interplay of positive and negative space as it relates to form, are the elements of my photographs. I am drawn to the beauty in the world that surrounds me both man-made and natural. Buildings, canyons and landscapes each become part of a reconstructed image. These transformations are inspired by the Cubist concept of revealing an object from different points of view. To create my photomontages, I reassemble them to make a new image that flows. While I am interested in the individual photographs, it is in their reconstruction that I focus. My hope is that I can communicate the beauty that I see around me through these transformations.

The multi-faceted photographs "CHANCE ENCOUNTERS" are created by using a holga "toy" camera. Because of the holga's minimal controls and other aberrations such as lack of focus, lens distortions and light leaks I find the unpredictable results inspiring as well as liberating.

All photographs are Gelatin Silver archival prints.